The Willing Wisdom Index™

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For as little as $10 per access code, “The Index” enables you to engage current HNW clients and earn new ones.

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Send access codes to your clients and invite them to receive their Willing Wisdom Index™ report.

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What is the Willing Wisdom Index™?

The Willing Wisdom Index™ is a powerful new online tool that helps US and Canadian advisors attract and retain HNW clients aged 50 and older by focusing on the $2 billion a day inter-generational wealth transfer market.

It’s a prospecting tool for advisors to on-board HNW and UHNW individuals who are either without an advisor or it serves as a wedge tool to separate a prospect from their existing advisor who is offering little or no estate planning value.

With over 137 million US and Canadian adults without a legal will, there is a high percentage of HNW clients who are receiving little or no estate planning support.

The tool also helps build relationships with your client’s children before they inherit – a priority given that 90% of inherited wealth moves to a new advisor.

How does it work?

Step 1: Advisors who subscribe to the Willing Wisdom Index™ receive access codes that they can then email to clients or prospects inviting them to receive their own personalized Willing Wisdom Index. We even write these emails for you.

Step 2: The client or prospect enters their access code on the Willing Wisdom Index™ website and instantly receives their questionnaire.

Step 3: Upon completion of the 12 minute questionnaire comprised of easy Yes/No questions, clients and prospects receive their score out of 100. They also receive concise recommendations along with a detailed 15-page personalized report.

Step 4: Clients and prospects are encouraged to email their results to their advisors.

Step 5: Finally, advisors follow up to arrange a meeting to discuss the Willing Wisdom Index™ results. The tool gives advisors the opportunity to talk about their passion for helping clients with their estate plan and gives prospects a feel for the advisor’s personal approach to financial planning.

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