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Tom Deans Speaking

Your clients know they need an up-to-date will… Learn how to start the most important estate planning conversation of all.


More than 50% of North American have no will and an estimated 40% have badly out-dated documents.

Over the Next 20 years more than $8 trillion dollars will be inherited. For some, this wealth transfer will bring out the best in family and fund dreams and unlock human potential. For many families, this wealth transfer will be shrouded in secrecy and
holds the potential to diminish relationships, undermine potential and destroy wealth.

Advisors can play a pivotal role in the estate planning process by shaping wills that are thoughtfully and artfully crafted.

Themes: Estate planning, Preparing Heirs, Guiding Giving Decisions, Building
Relationships, Inspiration, Retirement Planning, Caring for Parents, Aging.