Advisor Resources

Maximize the Benefit of your Willing Wisdom Index™ Subscription

The following resources have been developed to assist you in getting the most from your Willing Wisdom Index™ Subscription. Use these resources in communications to HNW prospects and existing clients, on your website, and in meetings to assist you in explaining the Index, how it works, and how it can be of benefit.


Advisor Video
Unsure of how to get started. This short video explains the Index and how to subscribe.

Client Video
Use this short video to explain the Index to clients. Include the link in your emails.


Other Resources

Sample Report
Send a link to this Willing Wisdom Index™ Sample Report to show clients the depth of information they will receive just by spending 12 minutes and completing the Index Survey.
Sample Report

Family Meeting Resource Guide
The Family Meeting Resource Guide offers simple step-by-step instructions on how to schedule and run the “family meeting” with your client and their heirs. The conversations that result from these meetings are invaluable to the health of their estate and assist you in bridging the relationship gab between your client and their family.
Family Meeting Resource Guide
This short list of Frequently Asked Questions will help give you and your colleagues a better understanding of how the Index works and how to explain it to your prospects and clients.

A short but practical list of
Hints and Tips
for incorporating the Index into your marketing and communications without having to a separate campaign or initiative. Just include it in your everyday activities.
Prospect Email Templates
Use these email templates when communicating to reach out to newProspects to offer them a Free Index Access Code. Differentiate yourself from those advisors who just send a pen or a calendar.
Prospect Email Templates

Client Email Templates
These email templates are specifically written to facilitate conversations with Existing Clients. They explain the Index, offer them their Free Index Access Code, and explain how the Index works. The templates include a follow up to see if they have completed the Index Survey or have any questions about the results.
Client Retention Email Templates


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