Client Finder Pro™ Annual Subscription – 150 Willing Wisdom Index™ Access Codes


$1500.00 (Excl. HST)

At this subscription level, you will receive 150 Willing Wisdom Index™ Access Codes to be distributed to either clients or prospective clients. The Willing Wisdom Index™ is the first predictive tool that measures how prepared a family is to inherit.

Advisors who subscribe, receive on-boarding tools and resources to assist with the distribution of Access Codes to HNW clients or prospective clients. Clients or prospects who activate their Access Code will receive access to the Willing Wisdom Index™ questionnaire which upon completion, will include their personal Willing Wisdom Index™ result out of 100. A higher score indicates a more prepared family to inherit.

They will also receive a score in the six categories that predict their ability to transition and protect family wealth. They will also receive a list of specific recommendations to improve their estate plan with advisor support. Lastly, your client or prospect will receive a comprehensive custom multi-page report, offering detail on how and why their estate plan is either working or requires further improvement.

Your subscription will include everything an advisor needs to begin finding and retaining HNW clients by helping to benchmark and improve estate plans, including:

Free Client/Prospect on-boarding video
Free Family Meeting Resource Guide
Free Template Emails for Prospective Clients
Free Template Emails for Client Retention
Free Social Media Posts (Pre-prepared Tweets)

*All Access codes expire 12 months after purchase of a subscription. If you would like to order additional codes, simply call Toll Free 1-844-938-8801.
All prices are in USD.